Hitting the slopes is easily the best part of winter for many people. However, getting there can be the biggest mountain you’ll climb. The harsh winter climate requires special maintenance on your vehicle to ensure that you arrive safely.

Check you Car’s Battery

Most car owners do not think about their car’s battery until the vehicle doesn’t turn on one day. In cold weather, dead batteries are one of the biggest threats to your running vehicle. As soon as you start your car, you turn the heat on high. You use your windshield wipers more often and definitely take advantage of your heated seats. Your car is using more battery energy. At the same time, cold weather makes it increasingly difficult for your battery to charge.

Once your car battery is older than three years, have your local mechanic check your battery’s charge at least once a year. Make sure the battery ports are clean. Battery connections that are covered in rust and dirt further impede the battery’s ability to charge.

Service your Coolant System

Don’t get the wrong idea: your coolant system isn’t solely for when it’s warm outside. Your vehicle’s cooling system ensures against engine freeze in extreme temperatures as well. Schedule an annual radiator flush for when winter months are on the horizon, if recommended for your make and model. On your own, be aware of any leaks and make sure your antifreeze is filled to the appropriate level. While it might be tempting to mix antifreeze with water or use mostly water when filling the coolant system, don’t do it. In cold months, make sure the coolant mixture is made up of at least 70 percent antifreeze. Using mainly water can result in expensive damage to your car when the reservoir freezes and breaks.

Check your Tires

It is important before you take your car out for a drive, to ensure that the tires are in good condition. As your car tires remain in contact with the road, they need to be regularly checked to ensure that they do not wear out. It is always best to be prepared in advance for the tire change of your vehicle.

In the winter months, you have to take special care of your car tires, to ensure that their grip and efficiency is not affected, as worn out tires can skid on the snowy roads, which might result in accidents. Ensure proper tire checks and use winter tires if necessary. The tires wheels and their alignment should also be regularly checked, to ensure the smooth working of the vehicle.


It is a good idea to give a little love to your car’s interior as well this season. Auto detailing  is a year-round chore. Click here to read more about the importance of auto detailing: http://www.autodetailsupply.pro  In conclusion, you do not need expensive or time consuming winter car care routine. However, you will need to follow the tips below in order to ensure the comfort and safety of your winter driving. There are a lot of people who do not drive during the winter because they are afraid. You should understand that if you prepare your car properly for the cold season, you will not have any trouble driving it like you do during the summer. You can make a lot of difference if you will pay attention to some common sense aspects in your winter car care plan.