What work boots should I choose?

Merchandise stores have new lines of men’s work boots you can wear anywhere. You don’t need any proof here, though. Check out this year’s men KEEN boots collection and you’ll convince yourself.

Boots with rich, waterproof leather uppers keep you dry and add a touch of style. Rubber toe wraps integrated onto a rubber lugged sole make sure you stay stable in any terrain. Double gore stretch openings make them easy to put on and pull off.

Rugged work boots should offer 450 gram insulation in the toe, right where you need it most. The upper work boot should stay nice and toasty with 350-gram insulation while the waterproof membrane is breathable for great moisture control.

Think work boots that will be perfect for yard work!

There is something about kneeling down on the ground to trim the edge of the lawn that can focus the mind so intently on the task at hand. What a peaceful and meditative feeling to be so absorbed in a particular activity that all else falls by the wayside

We can choose to be fully present in the moment, all five senses alert, while tending to the yard work. However, it can also serve to connect us to the past. Does the act of pulling weeds today conjure up memories of the smell of freshly-cut grass in the neighborhood park where you played as a child? Do you remember your favorite aunt’s vegetable garden and the way it smelled when you went to visit her in the summer?

Do you have ground moles in your yard? – St. Clair County Wildlife

Even when you get new boots, if you see a bunch of tunnels and holes in your yard, dont twist your ankle. Call a professional wildlife removal service because you are likely to have ground moles causing damage. Contact this number: 618.391.0321 for Ground Mole Removal St. Clair County

Anyways, the next time you peer outside of your window and notice that the lawn needs mowing and the tomatoes look like they could use some plant food, don’t get discouraged. Think of it as a fabulous opportunity to practice mindfulness and get some use out of some work boots. It’s the gift of yard work!