Mountain Slayer: Winter Merchandise here today to keep you guys updated on how the store has been. We run all of our e-commerce sales through the website and manage all orders at my facility in Madison County, Illinois. Here at the facility, we keep a secure area to store all orders before shipping out.

Recently, we noticed some yard damage coming from small tunnels surrounding the storage facility. I walked over the yard patch near the building myself and noticed the ground caved in where I was standing. My foot almost went in the ground 3 feet! I called an Animal Control Agency called Frontier WIldlife by coming across their website (http// I spoke to a Wildlife Removal Expert named Bruce that diagnosed our issue as a Mole Removal Problem. Most people who see visible damage to their lawn or garden assume they have moles. Bruce recommended before you go after moles, make sure that’s really the rodent problem you have. Here are some mentions from Bruce in case of any of our clients are having similar issues with their homes:

Ground Mole Identification: Physical Characteristics

Ground Moles in Madison County are underground rodents that are 6.5 – 7 inches long at maturity. They are fur covered, with tails. The forefeet are large and are wider than they are long. The hind feet are small. The eyes and ears are concealed in the fur. Unless you trap a mole, you are likely never to see one. They do not come above the ground unless forced to.

Ground Mole Eating Habits

A common misconception about ground moles is that they eat roots and plants. This is not true, as moles do not eat vegetation. Moles only eat grubs and earthworms. However, moles will damage plants by tunneling through the root zone and even popping plants up out of the ground. Moles eat 70-100% of their body weight per day – they constantly tunnel to find new sources of worms to eat.

Where Ground Moles in Madison County Live

As stated, moles live underground. They feed by burrowing just below the surface of the soil, making unsightly raised tunnels or runs. However, they also burrow deep depending on the weather conditions. When they burrow deep, they push the excess soil up, thus creating mounds. These mounds resemble volcanoes and can show up anywhere. Often pocket gophers have similar tunneling traits with the exception that their mounds are kidney-shaped and are usually in a line. Consider Mole removal if you find these tunnels near your home.

Ground Mole Problem? First Try The Apple Test

An easy test to see if you have a mole versus a pocket gopher or chipmunk is to test it with an apple.

  1. Find an active tunnel.
  2. Cut an apple in half.
  3. Place the apple on the tunnel.
  4. Cover the apple with a bucket or flower pot (upside down).
  5. Wait a couple of days.
  6. If the apple has not been eaten – you have a mole!

Getting Rid of Moles

Although moles do help aerate the soil and do get rid of harmful grub worms, they are usually too destructive to leave alone. So, make sure you have a mole, then chose a Trusted Mole Removal Expert like Bruce from Frontier Wildlife Control. CALL 618.391.0321 to get in touch with the Best Mole Removal Service that gave us a complete, affordable solution with our facility and merchandise.