Top 4 Most Popular Sports In The US

Americans love and enjoy watching their favorite sports. We enjoy watching them on the television and even in person. There are various different kinds of sports in America today. These games play a very important role in our society. Sports have highly contributed to a number of benefits including social and racial integration. Over the years, sports have been used to bring different people together across the US and that is why sport is very necessary in our today’s society. Here are some of the most popular sports in the US.

American Football

This is definitely the most popular sport in the US. It is the most popular sport in the history of America and is among the top ten most popular sport in the whole world. American football isn’t watched on the television alone, we have seen Americans coming to stadiums to just watch this game. For the past few years, it is estimated over 60,000 Americans assemble in the stadium in each game which has made it popular than any other sport.

Baseball is also called “a national past time game”. It is the second most popular sport and it has two different levels of competition; the minor league baseball and the major league baseball. Baseball has not only gained its popularity in America alone, but in the whole world as large. Different countries are also embracing this game since there are millions of audience watching this game in other countries like Canada, Japan and Germany as well. Baseball is also called a demographic game because it is played by players from different areas around the world. This game is mostly played during spring and summer seasons.


USA Basketball cannot be left out of the list. Basketball has been among the most popular games in America, Europe and other different continents for decades. All professional

basketball teams in the US are managed by the National basketball association, or commonly known as NBA. There are very many well-known basketball teams in America that are embraced by people from different backgrounds all across the world.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is considered as the fourth most popular game in America. This game is also called “hockey” especially in the countries where they play on a dry field. Ice hockey is mostly common in the northern part of US and Canada. The highest level specifically in men’s ice hockey is the National Hockey League (NHL). Most Americans, especially in the northern part enjoy watching this game. This is why it has developed to be among the most popular games in America.


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