Winter Is Here: Are You Moving to a New Home?

You have selected the new place you will move to. You hired professional movers to help move your belongings. Your new home is awesome in many ways.  You have taken care of the important things and looked at the finer details as well. But as you rightly guessed, winter is here. What do you need to focus on for the cold season other than the warm clothes you get from us? What are some of the needs that have to be addressed if you are getting ready for this winter?

Once you are settled in and comfortable, check these details out on your new home to ensure a smooth move:

1.) Inspect Woodwork for Warping or Bowing

Let’s face it, horror movies have shown you time and again that wooden floors are noisy at night. With the mercury dipping, the difference in temperature is going to warp the wood. Apart from creaking, it makes the lock latching and closing difficult. In extreme cases, you may have to put your shoulder to close a door. Either get a handyman or apply some wood oil yourself.

2.) Where are the blankets?

You can’t enjoy the cold season or your favorite show without being wrapped up. If you are shifting in winter, make sure your blankets and jackets are among the first to be unpacked. There are few joys better than reading a good book or watching a great series while covered in your blanket. Make sure it is out of the cartons and with you.

3.) Check the Windows and External Doors

You may have inspected the doors and windows of your new home for security, but have you checked them against cold? Gaps between the frames and doors can let in gushes of chilly air. Without a proper scrutiny, shifting in winter may render your heating methods useless. If nothing else comes to mind, try packing these gaps with strips of wood.

4.) Watch Out for Strays

Winter is coming and it is tough on the strays – both animals and humans. They will try to find any place for protection. Unless you are planning to open-up your home for their convenience, you will have to keep a watch. This vigil may not be needed if you are living in a gated community. Otherwise, look out for sheds and corners in your immediate vicinity.

Every season brings a new flavor with itself. Enjoying the softer aspect of the season feels good, but preparing against the harsher part is equally important. Do take care of your new home against the cold and it will keep you warm and cozy in turn. Enjoy shifting to winter. An easy shift to winter starts with hiring a reliable moving service like Movers Springfield IL to start you on your new journey. After that, follow these simple steps and you are on your way to being ready for winter.



Mountain Slayer: Winter Merchandise here today to keep you guys updated on how the store has been. We run all of our e-commerce sales through the website and manage all orders at my facility in Madison County, Illinois. Here at the facility, we keep a secure area to store all orders before shipping out.

Recently, we noticed some yard damage coming from small tunnels surrounding the storage facility. I walked over the yard patch near the building myself and noticed the ground caved in where I was standing. My foot almost went in the ground 3 feet! I called an Animal Control Agency called Frontier WIldlife by coming across their website (http// I spoke to a Wildlife Removal Expert named Bruce that diagnosed our issue as a Mole Removal Problem. Most people who see visible damage to their lawn or garden assume they have moles. Bruce recommended before you go after moles, make sure that’s really the rodent problem you have. Here are some mentions from Bruce in case of any of our clients are having similar issues with their homes:

Ground Mole Identification: Physical Characteristics

Ground Moles in Madison County are underground rodents that are 6.5 – 7 inches long at maturity. They are fur covered, with tails. The forefeet are large and are wider than they are long. The hind feet are small. The eyes and ears are concealed in the fur. Unless you trap a mole, you are likely never to see one. They do not come above the ground unless forced to.

Ground Mole Eating Habits

A common misconception about ground moles is that they eat roots and plants. This is not true, as moles do not eat vegetation. Moles only eat grubs and earthworms. However, moles will damage plants by tunneling through the root zone and even popping plants up out of the ground. Moles eat 70-100% of their body weight per day – they constantly tunnel to find new sources of worms to eat.

Where Ground Moles in Madison County Live

As stated, moles live underground. They feed by burrowing just below the surface of the soil, making unsightly raised tunnels or runs. However, they also burrow deep depending on the weather conditions. When they burrow deep, they push the excess soil up, thus creating mounds. These mounds resemble volcanoes and can show up anywhere. Often pocket gophers have similar tunneling traits with the exception that their mounds are kidney-shaped and are usually in a line. Consider Mole removal if you find these tunnels near your home.

Ground Mole Problem? First Try The Apple Test

An easy test to see if you have a mole versus a pocket gopher or chipmunk is to test it with an apple.

  1. Find an active tunnel.
  2. Cut an apple in half.
  3. Place the apple on the tunnel.
  4. Cover the apple with a bucket or flower pot (upside down).
  5. Wait a couple of days.
  6. If the apple has not been eaten – you have a mole!

Getting Rid of Moles

Although moles do help aerate the soil and do get rid of harmful grub worms, they are usually too destructive to leave alone. So, make sure you have a mole, then chose a Trusted Mole Removal Expert like Bruce from Frontier Wildlife Control. CALL 618.391.0321 to get in touch with the Best Mole Removal Service that gave us a complete, affordable solution with our facility and merchandise.


What work boots should I choose?

Merchandise stores have new lines of men’s work boots you can wear anywhere. You don’t need any proof here, though. Check out this year’s men KEEN boots collection and you’ll convince yourself.

Boots with rich, waterproof leather uppers keep you dry and add a touch of style. Rubber toe wraps integrated onto a rubber lugged sole make sure you stay stable in any terrain. Double gore stretch openings make them easy to put on and pull off.

Rugged work boots should offer 450 gram insulation in the toe, right where you need it most. The upper work boot should stay nice and toasty with 350-gram insulation while the waterproof membrane is breathable for great moisture control.

Think work boots that will be perfect for yard work!

There is something about kneeling down on the ground to trim the edge of the lawn that can focus the mind so intently on the task at hand. What a peaceful and meditative feeling to be so absorbed in a particular activity that all else falls by the wayside

We can choose to be fully present in the moment, all five senses alert, while tending to the yard work. However, it can also serve to connect us to the past. Does the act of pulling weeds today conjure up memories of the smell of freshly-cut grass in the neighborhood park where you played as a child? Do you remember your favorite aunt’s vegetable garden and the way it smelled when you went to visit her in the summer?

Do you have ground moles in your yard? – St. Clair County Wildlife

Even when you get new boots, if you see a bunch of tunnels and holes in your yard, dont twist your ankle. Call a professional wildlife removal service because you are likely to have ground moles causing damage. Contact this number: 618.391.0321 for Ground Mole Removal St. Clair County

Anyways, the next time you peer outside of your window and notice that the lawn needs mowing and the tomatoes look like they could use some plant food, don’t get discouraged. Think of it as a fabulous opportunity to practice mindfulness and get some use out of some work boots. It’s the gift of yard work!

Tips for Winter Car Care

Hitting the slopes is easily the best part of winter for many people. However, getting there can be the biggest mountain you’ll climb. The harsh winter climate requires special maintenance on your vehicle to ensure that you arrive safely.

Check you Car’s Battery

Most car owners do not think about their car’s battery until the vehicle doesn’t turn on one day. In cold weather, dead batteries are one of the biggest threats to your running vehicle. As soon as you start your car, you turn the heat on high. You use your windshield wipers more often and definitely take advantage of your heated seats. Your car is using more battery energy. At the same time, cold weather makes it increasingly difficult for your battery to charge.

Once your car battery is older than three years, have your local mechanic check your battery’s charge at least once a year. Make sure the battery ports are clean. Battery connections that are covered in rust and dirt further impede the battery’s ability to charge.

Service your Coolant System

Don’t get the wrong idea: your coolant system isn’t solely for when it’s warm outside. Your vehicle’s cooling system ensures against engine freeze in extreme temperatures as well. Schedule an annual radiator flush for when winter months are on the horizon, if recommended for your make and model. On your own, be aware of any leaks and make sure your antifreeze is filled to the appropriate level. While it might be tempting to mix antifreeze with water or use mostly water when filling the coolant system, don’t do it. In cold months, make sure the coolant mixture is made up of at least 70 percent antifreeze. Using mainly water can result in expensive damage to your car when the reservoir freezes and breaks.

Check your Tires

It is important before you take your car out for a drive, to ensure that the tires are in good condition. As your car tires remain in contact with the road, they need to be regularly checked to ensure that they do not wear out. It is always best to be prepared in advance for the tire change of your vehicle.

In the winter months, you have to take special care of your car tires, to ensure that their grip and efficiency is not affected, as worn out tires can skid on the snowy roads, which might result in accidents. Ensure proper tire checks and use winter tires if necessary. The tires wheels and their alignment should also be regularly checked, to ensure the smooth working of the vehicle.


It is a good idea to give a little love to your car’s interior as well this season. Auto detailing  is a year-round chore. Click here to read more about the importance of auto detailing:  In conclusion, you do not need expensive or time consuming winter car care routine. However, you will need to follow the tips below in order to ensure the comfort and safety of your winter driving. There are a lot of people who do not drive during the winter because they are afraid. You should understand that if you prepare your car properly for the cold season, you will not have any trouble driving it like you do during the summer. You can make a lot of difference if you will pay attention to some common sense aspects in your winter car care plan.

Dealing with Winter Sports Pain

Winter weather shouldn’t mean a sentence of months of inactivity. Your favorite exercise and sports routines can still be done when the temperatures drop, you just may have to be aware of how your body will react to intense activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

How Winter Sports Affect Your Body

Skiing and snowboarding rely heavily on your leg muscles and your lower back muscles and stomach muscles. These then want to form your core focus for exercising and you will want to focus both on building strength and building flexibility. If your local gym has a ski trainer this will be an easy start but we’d also recommend gentle weight training – aimed at reps rather than strength to build up your endurance and flexibility. In terms of your back and stomach sit ups and crunches will have the most beneficial effects and will help flex and strengthen your muscles. For your legs, curls and squats will help build strength and flexibility that you’ll find in valuable once you hit the slopes.

Being sore to the point of being in pain after skiing is usually a sign that you need to ramp up your fitness levels and muscle tone so they can handle those punishing slopes.  Don’t mistakenly think that your fitness levels are just “set” and that you’re helpless to do anything about the situation; some simple changes and some dedication can mean being more fit and when you hit the slopes and being in less pain when you’re done with them.

Stretching the muscles allows more blood circulation to the muscles themselves which in turn brings in healing oxygen and other elements.  Doing regular stretching also means muscles are limber and loose when you’re out on your skis, rather than tight and brittle.  When muscles are tight, they are more likely to be jarred back and forth rather than to flow between movements.  A simple stretch routine, when done regularly can amp up your fitness and cut down on your pain.

Consider a Massage

If you ever take part in any winter sports, your whole body can greatly benefit from a great massage. For anyone who is an everyday, holiday snowboarder or skier who likes winter sports just for fun and adventures, massage therapy can help you handle the next day soreness.

Whenever you begin to play, your muscles respond to the new challenges. Workloads that you are not used to can make you sore. At times even your rear side can ache due to repeatedly skiing down the mountain. Typically the pain isn’t noticed for approximately three days following intense exercise. This is referred to as delayed-onset body pain.

In contrast to professional sportsmen, pain could have a significantly larger effect on the activities of leisure athletes. If you take pleasure in any sports activities while you’re on holiday or perhaps on the weekends, parts of your muscles might be in different phases of fitness during the entire winter.

To end the winter sports pain with a massage, check out this link:


Marketing with video is a great asset for enhancing your profits and business. The best videos benefit your organization by educating consumers, communicating important information, providing continuous support and inspiration while showing potential customers how well your products or services work. There is a lot to learn about video marketing in St. Louis, and now is the best time to get started.

Fact #1: Online video marketing is exploding in St. Louis

To say that video marketing is growing is an understatement. Its rate of acceptance and adoption is remarkable. Alexa, for example, ranks YouTube, as the third most popular website in the world. In just the U.S., YouTube has over 189 million unique viewers.

But effective marketing must be targeted. For B2B marketers that’s not a problem. Today, 83% of senior executives watch more online video than last year, according to a survey by Forbes Insights.

This means you can achieve greater exposure. More viewers – viewers that matter – lead to more customers. And more customers lead to more sales. You won’t have to explain this to your boss.

Fact #2: Online video marketing is versatile

One reason online video is so popular lies in its versatility. Marketers can use online video to repurpose other marketing materials such as white papers and case studies.

Also, marketers can promote their products and services using a fresh delivery method that informs, educates and even entertains prospects.

Internet videos can be found in e-newsletters, blogs and websites. And prospects and customers can subscribe to them as RSS feeds.

Let’s not forget social media. Videos abound on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, to name a few.

Versatility translates into extraordinary marketing power. Video introduces a new way of communicating. It enhances existing marketing platforms by bringing them to life, such as email marketing.

This uncovers a sea of new consumers who perhaps wouldn’t “read” your content. Viewing videos is faster and in many cases more preferable to reading text. Now you’re reaching a wider audience.

Fact #3: Shareability is fast and effortless

In the same Forbes study mentioned above, 54% of senior executives said they share

videos with their colleagues every week. A slightly greater percentage, 59%, says they receive work-related videos.

Again, these statistics show that online videos are highly shareable. More important to B2B marketers is that decision makers share and receive these videos.

The future for sharing videos online is bright. The data suggest this trend will significantly increase. Younger executives share videos at much greater rates. While 47% of all executive say they post videos to social networks, that percentage increases to 69% for younger executives.

Fact #4: Video Search Engine Optimization Extends Reach and Access

Search engine optimization work wonders for textual content. And it works especially well for videos. As with text, video content has to be useful. Relevant and valuable content attracts prospects.

For videos embedded on your website, you can optimize videos by including keywords in the title. And use those keywords in the description.

On YouTube you have three opportunities to add keywords. A form pops up that includes fields for the title, the description and tags.

Optimizing your videos makes them easier for your target audience to find. Keep those senior executives in mind when optimizing your videos.


Fact #5: Internet Video Achieves Great Impact with Low Cost

By now, I’m sure you agree that video marketing has great impact. It reaches millions of viewers, depending on the platform you use. Its shareability is instantaneous. And it does a good job in reaching and attracting your target market.

Video drives action. This makes for a great option for those on the site interested in winter merchandise.

Get help with merchandise video marketing or any video marketing with the affordable and professional Video Marketers at https://GetMoreClients.Pro ! They are fantastic help and can help grow your business while you focus on the clients you’re obtaining.

Professional Team Sponsorships

Benefits offered professional team sponsorship

When you read this article, hopefully you will learn more about professional team sponsorship money.

Sponsorship money overall:

Sponsorship money is considered as the life blood of the major sports across the world as it allows the organizations as well the athletes to focus more on the production and training of their sports.

Team sponsorship funding helps reduce the stress that is associated with getting money for training and putting on the sports events. Professional team sponsorship is an integral part of every sport as it helps in creating a relationship between sports and corporate brands. It also helps in increasing brand awareness and hence associating products and services to a sport can offer a large number of benefits.

Professional Sponsorship:

Professional team sponsorship can be very beneficial for your business as it offer opportunities for advertising and marketing as the fan base is the ready database that you can target.

Moreover,  the team fans are very keenly loyal and they extend their loyalty to the team sponsors by buying their products and services. They also offer extended network through their friends and family which will eventually help your business in earning a good amount of revenue and profit. Hence you can reinforce awareness among the target markets by sponsoring the professional team so that you can enjoy long term benefits. Therefore sponsoring professional teams can help them to function effectively so that they can travel and compete with the different teams as they will get money for providing exposure to a business or brand.

The money will also help in planning the season and paying for equipment and travel so that it can contribute too many benefits to the team and players. Sponsorship also provides higher return on your investment along with raising brand awareness and developing brand preference in marketplace. It also helps in creating positive public relation and raising awareness for your business as a whole. It also provides attractive context for your business, products and services and when you sponsor professional team you will be able to promote good relations with clients.

Overall Conclusion:

Professional team sponsorship also helps in improving brand credibility and quality locally as well as globally and when your business is associated with the most popular sports it will help in adding value to the brand proposition of your company. It will make your brand stand out from that of your competitors as your business will be able to create a unique place in the mind of the consumers by offering more exposure.


Please, give us feedback on this article and others on our contact page. We value your input and are loyal to our subscribers.

4 Most Popular Sports

Top 4 Most Popular Sports In The US

Americans love and enjoy watching their favorite sports. We enjoy watching them on the television and even in person. There are various different kinds of sports in America today. These games play a very important role in our society. Sports have highly contributed to a number of benefits including social and racial integration. Over the years, sports have been used to bring different people together across the US and that is why sport is very necessary in our today’s society. Here are some of the most popular sports in the US.

American Football

This is definitely the most popular sport in the US. It is the most popular sport in the history of America and is among the top ten most popular sport in the whole world. American football isn’t watched on the television alone, we have seen Americans coming to stadiums to just watch this game. For the past few years, it is estimated over 60,000 Americans assemble in the stadium in each game which has made it popular than any other sport.

Baseball is also called “a national past time game”. It is the second most popular sport and it has two different levels of competition; the minor league baseball and the major league baseball. Baseball has not only gained its popularity in America alone, but in the whole world as large. Different countries are also embracing this game since there are millions of audience watching this game in other countries like Canada, Japan and Germany as well. Baseball is also called a demographic game because it is played by players from different areas around the world. This game is mostly played during spring and summer seasons.


USA Basketball cannot be left out of the list. Basketball has been among the most popular games in America, Europe and other different continents for decades. All professional

basketball teams in the US are managed by the National basketball association, or commonly known as NBA. There are very many well-known basketball teams in America that are embraced by people from different backgrounds all across the world.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is considered as the fourth most popular game in America. This game is also called “hockey” especially in the countries where they play on a dry field. Ice hockey is mostly common in the northern part of US and Canada. The highest level specifically in men’s ice hockey is the National Hockey League (NHL). Most Americans, especially in the northern part enjoy watching this game. This is why it has developed to be among the most popular games in America.


Moreover, here are some great sports moments in the US. Please, visit our contact page and give us feedback. However, we may take some time responding for work hours vary.

Sports Social Media Marketing

Four Tips To Sports Social Media Marketing Success

In today’s sports marketing world, it is almost impossible to do without social media

. Sports clubs and franchises have discovered ways to leverage this jaw-dropping new marketing tool to create a dedicated fan base. Social media allows for an unmatched level of audience engagement, making it the ultimate tool for sports marketers. Nevertheless, social media is essential today. This article aims to give you knowledge on sports social media marketing.

Whether fans are checking their teams’ scores or are sharing game reactions, they are constantly engaged as they watch their favorite teams take on each other. Sports marketing social media makes it possible to engage and interact with fans on social media after a play. If you are a sports marketer and you need to achieve the best out of social media marketing, here are some few tips for you:

1. Reach out to the fans!

Since sports fans are usually engaged in live events, the best way to reach out to them is by use of in-venue visual displays. These displays individualize the experience of fans in addition to creating a sense of community and excitement. And if there is need to expand the reach for marketing materials, other promotions can be integrated as well.

2. Drive the momentum

This is for you, sports marketer. Fans need to be motivated to create relevant content, always. Whether a big game is going on or it is just some days to it, consider creating content and hashtags so as to motivate the fans to come up with relevant content. And when your fans start to engage, their followers will take note and respond too. This will bring about excitement, creating a momentum.

3. Set targets

Just like any other marketing tactic, marketing through social media is effective when you set specific, attainable goals in advance. Do you want to engage your fans? Or do you want to expand your reach? Depending on what your goal is, your definition and strategy of success will change. Whatever you do, aim to motivate your fans to interact. Also, realize there is a mutual beneficial relationship between the both of you.

4. Stay focused

Don’t be deceived, success in social media does not come overnight. It takes time! With that being said, the worst thing that you can do is to get off track. Whatever it takes, don’t give up. Stay focused. As a sports marketer, you need to combine consistent and tried tactics with innovative new techniques. Every year, aim to be more successful. You will be surprised how things will start working your way.  Moreover, you will gain a fan base that keep you motivated. However, never let negative comments on social media mean something to you.

As long as you have the right tools and strategies in place, social media can be an avenue for you to create a huge fan base and drive engagement. Make use of the above sports social media marketing tips and watch as you sail to greater heights.

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Winter Worries – Bed Bugs on Clothes!?

Let’s Keep Your Clothes Clean! Especially New Merchandise from Mountain Slayer!

How to Identify Bed Bugs? Easy and Effective Tips

Bedbugs can turn your dream into a nightmare. Most people do not know how to recognize bedbugs and eventually realize that there are bedbugs at home only when their population grows into an infestation. Therefore, it becomes very important to find out whether you have bedbugs living in your home as soon as possible. But, the key question here is, how to determine if there are bedbugs present under your roof.        Many times, you may not know be aware of their presence nor have an encounter with them until you get bitten; however, there are a few things that you can do to check the existence of bedbugs.

How To Find Bed Bugs:

Physical Appearance:

You can easily identify a bedbug due to its distinctive brownish-red color as well as an ovular body. Additionally, adult bedbugs are generally around one-fourth of an inch lengthwise, and its width is around one-eight of an inch. On the other hand, the baby bedbugs are pretty different in appearance as they are tiny and off-white in color.

However, when they mature, they tend to shed several layers of skin till they assume the typical reddish-brown shade. This post is made for you to check your clothes of them in particular.

Search For Bugs:

Visually hunt for bedbugs at night with a flashlight as that’s the time when they usually feed. You can find bedbugs in the corners or dark areas like, behind the wallpapers, sofa seams, picture frames, cracks and crevices in the frames of the bed, under the bed covers, couch, and even blankets.

You can also find them in your baseboards, drawers, television, sleeping bags, clocks and so on! They could be in your clothes right now! Bedbugs also emit a pungent odor so, if you smell an unusual odor anywhere in the house, you can try searching that area.

Bite Marks:

Even though bedbug bites cannot be medically proven, if you happen to experience bite marks all over your arms, legs, stomach, and face, it is considered to be an evident sign of having bedbugs in the house. The bite marks are usually red and appear in groups.

Look For Signs On The Bed:

One significant sign of bugs is finding small mold-like spots on your pillow covers, bed linen or mattresses. These are tiny, dark brownish spots, which are bedbugs that get crushed due to your body movements while you sleep at night. You can also check for brown, reddish or black spots, which may be blood that is accidentally released by the bugs or fecal matter.

Trap them:

Though trapping bedbugs doesn’t help to eliminate bugs, it does aid to identify the issue very quickly. You can use a double-sided sticky tape and fix it to the edges of your bed, mattress, as well as on the floor, surrounding the bed. Then wait for three-four days, if there are bedbugs in your house, you should be able to catch a few on the tape.

Overall, bedbug infestations are pretty common. Once identified, you can hire Madison County Termite and Pest Control in glen Carbon, IL to eradicate the bedbugs. Act immediately because it would be a good idea to identify the possibility of bedbugs to prevent costlier problems in future.